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cropped-2019-06-24-09.04.50-4.jpgStar Lodge No. 78 was founded in 1876 as the first Masonic Lodge to exist on what is now the Pinellas County Peninsula of Florida.  Star Lodge has seen over 140 years of history from the beginnings of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area agricultural boom to the current urban metro  center that all of Tampa Bay has become.

Star Lodge’s members and past masters can be traced through the history of the entire County.  Names of Past Masters of Star Lodge can be seen in the names of streets, parks, and other facilities around Largo such as: Belcher, Taylor, McMullen, and more.  Star Lodge has truly been the Cradle of Freemasonry in Pinellas County for over a century.

Now located on Highland Ave. just north of Largo City Hall, Star Lodge meets on Monday nights.  The 3rd Mondays of the Month are Stated Communications for normal lodge business.  The 1st and 4th are degree nights or special lodge events.  If you are a Freemason in or around Pinellas County, we welcome you into our Lodge to fellowship with our Brothers.  Please contact our Worshipful Master or our Brother Secretary if you would like to know more about visiting or joining our Lodge!